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The report provides a great overview of our organization, community partners, our work in 2021 and what's on the horizon for 2022.

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Here is an email template for you to use when reaching out to providers either through or through recommendations from individual websites or friends. This is just to see if scheduling and accommodating would be feasible - the provider can get more clinical info from you in future conversations!

Dear (insert providers name),

Vermont has eliminated many flavored tobacco products, but the menthol flavor has yet to be taken off the market. According to research on substance-use by population and investigation into marketing tactics, the varying flavors, including menthol, were created in an effort to entice younger populations, especially the African American community and other historically disenfranchised communities.

Q&A: Kate Nugent (Executive Director, Winooski Partnership for Prevention) & Lily Deware (UVM Student, Class of 2021)
A young adult perspective on substance use prevention & preventing underage Cannabis use

Over the past two decades, a notable shift has occurred with regard to underage substance use and substance use in general. Although society likes to frame it as becoming more accepting and adapting to new social norms, many would disagree and feel as though a 15 year old having alcohol on a regular basis should not be normal. As a matter of fact, about 30% of 15 year olds have had more than one sip of alcohol, and by age 18 nearly 70% of people report having had alcohol.