ATI wants to educate peers about health risks of vaping through PSA

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, participants in our afterschool program, Above the Influence (ATI) visited the CCTV studio to film a short public service announcement (PSA) about the risks of vaping and e-cigarette use.

The high school students jumped behind the cameras to film, while the middle school students acted out the script they wrote.

In the PSA, a student approaches another student, asking them if they want to purchase a new, grapefruit-flavored JUUL pod. The student says no and her refusal is supported by her peers, who raise concerns about nicotine being addictive and how it can lead to regular usage, which is expensive to maintain.

ATI participants want to send a message to their peers that vaping and e-cigarette use has costs, both health and financial, and to raise awareness of how the tobacco industry uses flavors to attract younger users.

We are excited to share the final product soon!

Students are welcome and encouraged to join ATI at any point in the year. To join, contact Hannah St. Don, our Youth Mobilization Coordinator at For more information about flavored e-cigarettes and their impact on youth use, visit