Winooski Assessment Report 2018

Purpose and Goals of the Winooski Substance Abuse Prevention Assessment

The purpose of carrying out this assessment was to better understand the local conditions and root causes of substance abuse or misuse present in the city of Winooski, Vermont.

A better understanding of these conditions is necessary in helping us direct our programming and interventions to protect our youth as they grow and develop into self-sufficient and fulfilled adults.

By providing the results of this work to local leaders and community members, we hope to empower evidence-informed action to be taken to reduce substance abuse. By delving into root causes, the sources and factors that contribute to substance abuse that are specific to a particular community, also known as “risk” and “protective” factors, we can also understand how to intervene in a way that has the greatest positive impact on the largest number of people.

Read the full report here: PDF icon Winooski Assessment Report.pdf