Email Template: Reaching Out to a Therapist

Here is an email template for you to use when reaching out to providers either through or through recommendations from individual websites or friends. This is just to see if scheduling and accommodating would be feasible - the provider can get more clinical info from you in future conversations!

Dear (insert providers name),

My name is (your name) and I am seeking a new therapist. My insurance provider is (name) and I hope to use that for our sessions. I have availability to meet (write a brief note about what times or days you would be looking for an opening - this way they could also maybe fit you in if they have a cancellation!).

*Note: By getting this info out in the front, the provider knows if they can accommodate your needs immediately. Remember, if you can’t afford therapy or make time to go, chances are, you won’t go!

I am seeking support with (ex: depression and anxiety, the loss of a loved one, not feeling like myself, stress at work). I am not currently in a mental health crisis and would love to be on your waitlist if you do not have space for me right now. I am looking for the right therapeutic fit for me for the long term.

Thank you for your time.

It may take up to two weeks (estimated) for people to respond to you but beyond that, I think it is fine to check back in! Therapists, especially in our area, are experiencing high volumes of need. However, your needs are valid and the right person will come through! Be patient and be vigilant!

Note: This resource was created for the Winooski Partnership for Prevention by local social services clinician, Sabrina Sydnor Leal.