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CounterBalance is a statewide campaign to help end tobacco's influence on Vermont's youth.  Youth and adult volunteers conducted assessments of 767 retail stores in communities throughout the state.

Although other types of tobacco marketing have been restricted, convenience stores and other retail outlets are still places where children are certain to see tobacco products and ads. In many cases, a young person is exposed to tobacco marketing without even going inside the store.

So, what’s new in your world?

As the holidays approach, the sense of hope and promise for the future permeates many of our lives and reminds me of a story about hope and the need for change.

Some of you may have heard me tell it before. This story is about a middle school student who I will call “Oliver” who helped me with a project about a year ago.

What is content-neutral signage?

You may have heard us talking about this lately. Communities have the ability to decide to limit the  total percentage of window space that is covered by signs.

O'Brien Community Center, Winooski, VT

You are invited to participate in a follow-up conversation to help answer many of the questions that you had at our first community dialogue night on May 15 this year.

You will hear from practitioners in the fields that connect this issue, including treatment, recovery, prevention, and justice.

You will also hear about ways to get involved and make a difference.

Click here to read the notes from the first dialogue night.